Acts Christian Homes
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Acts Christian Homes
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House Church Movement

House Church MovementSpreading the gospel in antiquity was by the use of Christian homes. It had positive advantages. The comparatively small numbers involved made real interchange of views and informed discussion among the participants possible, there was no artificial isolation of a preacher from his hearers and there was no temptation for either the speaker or the heckler to "play to the gallery" as there was in a public place or open air meeting.✞

Informal and Relaxed Atmosphere

The sheer informality and relaxed atmosphere of Christian homes such as those described in Acts, not to mention the hospitality which must often have gone with it, all helped to make this form of evangelism particularly successful. Dr. Michael Green in "Evangelism in the Early Church" relates it was in private Acts Christian homes that the wool workers and cobblers, the laundry workers and the yokels did their evangelizing. Even the children were taught that if they believed "they would become happy and make their home happy as well."

"Acts Christian Homes"
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