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Roman Era
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Family, House and Home

Oikos HouseNeither ancient Greek nor Hebrew nor Latin has words that directly translate what modern Western English means by "family, house, and home"

Greek and Hebrew Words

Roman Family HomeCarolyn Osiek and David L. Balch in "Families in the New Testament World - Households and House Churches" tell us about the Greek word "oikos," the Hebrew word "bayit," and the Latin term "domus" and that these can all refer to the physical building but can all just as well, and more often do, mean "household, including material goods and slaves, immediate blood family, or family lineage."

Ostia Insula Home

Ostia Insula HomePerhaps the English "home" is a more appropriate equivalent for some of the same realities. Nor does the Latin "familia" refer only or even usually to the nuclear family, but rather to all persons and objects under the legal power of the male head of the family, house or home.✞

Statement about Marriage

Marcus Tullius CiceroConsider Cicero's statement about family, house and home. "Since it is a natural feature of all living beings that they have the desire to propagate, the first association is that of marriage itself, the next is that with one's children, then the household unit within which everything is shared, that is the element from which a city is made, so to speak the seedbed of the state."

"Family House Home"
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