Wine Bread
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Wine Bread
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General Prayer Follows

Soup and SaladDuring the general conversation and before the sharing of the wine with bread at the Agape Love Meal ask for a volunteer to say or share a poem or a testimony later in the dinner. When the first course is finished, stand for the Gospel. 3-5 minute may be designated as interactive time (what did you think of this or that?) When the general conversation is almost done, the main course begins with testimonies or poems.✞

Separate Little Cups

Read from the scripture as opposed to the formal Prayer of Consecration used by many churches. Two people then give out the bread with wine with the words "the body of Christ" and "the blood of Christ" The wine should be in separate little cups rather than a communal cup or chalice - this is an important detail insisted on by Archbishop Finlay when he approved this format. The bread with wine can be consumed at once or formally at the same time together. Open prayer and the laying on of hands or anointing with oil may be used when appropriate at this point. Someone should be prepared to pray for the church, the world and other needs like the sick, the dying, the church, civic leaders, the Queen as appropriate and general personal prayers then follows. All say together at the end, "Glory to God from generation to generation..." Blow out the candles to signal the end of the sharing of the Agape Love Meal.✞

"Wine Bread"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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