Church Growth Success
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Church Growth Success 2

Relational Evangelism

The Blue Mediterranean SeaThe Household of Faith is an extension of the local church that trains and nourishes Christians. It is mandated for church growth success in order to divide and double its membership every two years. Hence, it is a model of and dependent upon relational evangelism. The Household of Faith is the only evangelism program that guarantees church growth success when it is diligently used. It brings church growth where it really counts with "core" members. It does not steal people from other churches but invigorates your own fringe people. It's church growth success does not depend upon enthusiastic charismatic leadership but growth is built right into the system.

Yearly Growth

Gnarled TreeChurches can expect to experience church growth success of between 16% and 32% per annum in core membership, that is regular attending, committed workers and this can continue indefinitely year after year! These figures are based on the reasonable expectation of a congregation of 100 setting up between 4 and 8 Households of Faith. The same church growth success rates would apply to smaller or larger churches, particularly in mainline denominations which tend to have larger fringe membership groups.

"Church Growth Success"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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