Leviticus House Atonement
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Leviticus House Atonement
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Your Regular Share

Aaron the High PriestLeviticus 16.11 informed us, "Aaron shall bring the bull for his own sin offering to make atonement for himself and his household, and he is to slaughter the bull for his own sin offering." Leviticus 16.17 added, "No one is to be in the Tent of Meeting from the time Aaron goes in to make atonement in the Most Holy Place until he comes out, having made atonement for himself, his household and the whole community of Israel." Leviticus 22.11 spoke of the humane treatment of slaves, "But if a priest buys a slave with money, or if a slave is born in his household, that slave may eat his food." The priest portion was explained in Numbers 18.11, "This also is yours, whatever is set aside from the gifts of all the wave offerings of the Israelites. I give this to you and your sons and daughters as your regular share. Everyone in your household who is ceremonially clean may eat it." Numbers 18.13 stipulated what should happen with the first fruits of the crop, "All the land's first fruits that they bring to the Lord will be yours. Everyone in your household who is ceremonially clean may eat it." What privileges came to those who adhered to the Leviticus House Atonement?

"Leviticus House Atonement"
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