Diocesan Faith House
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Diocesan Faith House
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Without Churches Buildings

Model 3 Diocesan ArrangementThe third option in this section on how to establish diocesan or area faith houses is how to establish a network of diocesan faith houses across a Diocese or ministry area with or without church buildings. The diagram of model three shows three churches in a local area connected to and under the oversight of the Bishop or Senior Elder. One parish has three Houses of Faith connected to the church. The other parish has four Houses tied to it. Another area is an offshoot of the parish church with five Houses. Christ Cathedral has seven Houses. The hypothetical Bishop has pastoral oversight through the clergy of the Diocese to all the parishes and households. Some two point parishes may have two diocesan houses each or just one on a reservation or in a small village. Groups of Houses would obviously be assigned to the care of individual Clergy.

"Diocesan Faith House"
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