Active Church Households
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Active Church Households
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Teaching Materials

Household DevelopmentThis section is concerned with establishing active Church Households or a series of them in an area with a church building. Established Bible study, prayer or thematic home group meetings may be turned into Households. The Clergy would have the initial responsibility of selecting a leader and a host for each Household. They would actively support the leader or a group of leaders, seek to mentor them and provide them with suitable teaching materials for the household as in Resources.

Weekly Meeting Times

The location and weekly meeting time for the Households would not be announced generally but participants would be invited by the household leader. A sign up sheet could be provided for those interested in taking part. See the Diagram above. Initially, the Leader would enroll three other committed and active members of the church and they would invite four to eight others who might be less active, occasional attendees or non attendees. There would be some flexibility with numbers to a maximum of twelve. One of the households might be for teenagers only, or single and single again individuals. Another might be for a mixed group of different ages including children. Teaching materials would have to be suitable for the make up of the Household. For the actual meeting agenda of the church households refer to "Running the Household of Faith."

"Active Church Households"
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