Cooperating Household Parts
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Operate As One 209

Work in Unison

Blue Colored EyeCooperating household parts operate as one. Jane as an ear in the Body of Christ is a very thoughtful person who always makes a positive contribution. Her skillful listening and attentive hearing help settle disputes between others. John as a hand is quite different. He is a doer rather than a talker in the Household Body. He responds generously and quickly to another's needs; mending a washing machine or carrying a bag of food to a needy family. God uses the cooperating household parts and the differences between Jane and John complete his work.✞

Different Organs or Limbs

handThe cooperating household parts represent a different organ or limb in the Mystical Body. Adrian Plass in "Sacred Diary" humorously considers the various household parts. "Anne started by saying that she thought she was probably a bit of dried skin on the elbow, but Edwin, bless him, said that he thought she was much nearer the heart than that. Thynn said he was a left shoulder blade for some obscure reason, and Norma Twill said she thought she might be a dimple. Couldn't think what I was, and dismissed Thynn's assessment of me as a small, unimportant vein in the right foot."

"Cooperating Household Parts"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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