Different Body Part
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Different Body Part208

Performs Various Functions

footIn the Household of Faith, different body parts perform various functions in order to make the whole operate efficiently. A foot as the structural support to a leg differs from a hand or an ear. A hand may be able to manipulate a small delicate object like a pair of tweezers but it cannot hold up the weight of the whole body for any extended period of time. An athlete may work the pommel horse, swinging her body in ever widening sweeps, all supported on her hands. How glad those wrists and fingers are to exit the performance and return to their normal duties without all that weight and stress! Together the different parts even though they are radically different become one.✞

Faith Household

The Human EarThe role of each part of the Household of Faith may not be apparent at first. Ears are not particularly impressive, but their job is vital to the other parts. They are not as strong as feet or as active as arms or fingers! They may not move at all but they inform the brain what's going on around. They also give a torso its sense of balance. If the ears fail, a person can lose balance, stagger and maybe fall. So ears are important members as a different body part in the Household of Faith.✞

"Different Body Part"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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