Christian Maturity Objectives
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Christian Maturity Objective
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Fitness Goals

FitnessThe household has a Christian maturity objective as humans often have a fitness goal. Physical exercise strengthens human muscles and develops subtle limbs. In the same way, outreach, spirituality and love produce Christian maturity. The necessary protein and nutrients for growth are found by a group in shared Bible Study, vibrant worship, love and active ministry in the community. Wealth, like fatness in the Body, is good in the Household. Doctor Paul Brand (1914-2003) a pioneer in tendon transfer techniques wrote in "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made," "In the Body of Christ, ownership of property and money is no sin, it is an important function of certain members. And when I liken wealthy people to fat cells, I use the image positively, as an admiring doctor who appreciates the role of fat. Hospitality and generosity are made easier by wealth. Reserves can help the Body care for itself and fuel its muscular activity in a hurting world."

Constantly Developing

FrogLike the individual Christian, no Household of Faith is ever perfect or has reached its maturity objectives! A bumper sticker bears the same sentiment, "Christians aren't perfect, just forgiven!" The Household of Faith is made up of human beings and is therefore fallible. The critic and second century Greek philosopher Celsus reproached the church as "a congregation of frogs croaking in a swamp." The English poet Algernon Charles Swinburne (1837-1909) was reported to have called her, "the leprous bride of Christ." Dr Paul Brand (1914-2003) explained that the Early Church "was no Pollyanna Community. The epistles of the New Testament describe people and groups that experienced fractures and conflict, anger and division, as well as peace and joy."

"Christian Maturity Objective"
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