Body Life Blood
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Body Life Blood
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Holy Spirit's Work

BodyThe body life blood in the human is a model of the Holy Spirit's work in the Household of Faith. In 1615, William Harvey discovered the amazing blood circulation system of the body. This reflected the ancient Biblical truth of Leviticus 17.11, "The life of the creature is in the blood" Persons in the household of faith are like the limbs and organs of a human body. Every organ, limb, gland and tissue depends for its life on the condition of the blood. Though the blood is not visible through the layers of skin and fat we cannot live without it. The Holy Spirit is the life blood of the body of Christ within the household of faith. Like blood in the human body, the Holy Spirit works transparently cementing relationships.

Danger of a Blood Clot

Wooded GlenWithout fresh blood, an arm or leg poses a threat to the other healthy parts of the body. When a leg becomes gangrenous because of a blood clot in an artery, the blood is prevented from moving through its veins. Similarly, when Christian people cease loving one another the Holy Spirit is blocked. When a church becomes a social, historical or political society rather than a spiritual biological entity, decomposition begins to set in.The Holy Spirit matures and develops the household of faith. Being "in Christ" means having the Son of God's marks of unity, love, and purpose. By this, God the Holy Spirit reassures us that we are his children.

"Body Life Blood"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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