Supporting Household Bodies
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Supporting Household Bodies
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Long Distance Race

Killer WhaleTwo killer whales will swim alongside a third that has become sick and cradle it on their backs so it can breath the air at the surface. Geese fly in a "V" shaped formation to slipstream one another. When the lead bird tires from the wind's buffeting, it drops back and another takes its place. In mist or clouds, geese honk to locate each other. By flying together, rather than singly, they cover much greater distances and in this way support each other.

The Wonder of the Body

Supporting HouseholdIn the human body, limbs and organs also respond to each other's needs, like a conditioned runner in a long distance race. The "Minneapolis Star and Tribune" described this process, "When the body begins to overheat, sweat glands release liquid to cool it. When it starts to run low on sugar, which is fuel for the muscles, a hormone from the pancreas tells the liver to release stored sugar into the bloodstream. As the legs need more oxygen, the brain signals the heart to beat faster. Blood flow to the internal organs and upper body is shut down by 80% so that more blood gets to the legs and to the heart. Deep breathing brings in more air. Blood vessels in the legs dilate 400% to accommodate the increased flow of blood. All of this enables a person to run long distances." Supporting household bodies, like the human body, are incredibly complex because they are orchestrated by Christ who is their head and their brain.

"Supporting Household Bodies"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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