Developing Spiritual Gifts
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Developing Spiritual Gifts
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Saint Stephen IconIn the Household of Faith, developing spiritual gifts takes time and comes with use. Just as plants grow gradually, so roles and gifts develop slowly as the Household of Faith matures. In God's plan, Christians acquire new skills and develop spiritual gifts as part of the household of faith. In the Acts of the Apostles, Saint Stephen is described as one of seven deacons waiting on tables, but later we find him preaching in the open air, this time as an evangelist. His work altered profoundly as God blossomed forth the developing spiritual gifts within him. His role developed in the constantly changing kaleidoscope of the Body of Christ, cradled in the Household of Faith.✞

No Jealousy

Packages of GiftsThere is a tendency to want the most important spiritual gifts of preaching or leading. However, the jealousy that may arise in some is not permitted in the Household of Faith. Christians should not be proud because they possess spiritual gifts that someone else does not have. Nor should they become envious when another receives a prized talent. "We have different gifts according to the grace given us," writes Saint Paul in Romans 12.6. God gives spiritual gifts and he knows best. Michael Green wrote, "While some of us might in all humility be able to see ourselves as hands and feet or yet more modestly as fingers and toes of a small local congregational body, any individual who claimed to be a foot of the church might rightly be regarded as too big for his boots!"

"Developing Spiritual Gifts"
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