Jesus House Dynasty
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Jesus House Dynasty
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Emperor Diocletian

Book Cover The Jesus DynastyJesus house dynasty was so important that Roman leaders in the early centuries tried to destroy it on several occasions. They tried without success to eradicate what they believed to be a "royal house dynasty." In AD 70, the Emperor Vespasian ordered a search for the members of Jesus' house, believing that the line of David was the royal household line of the Early Church. James, the brother of Jesus, may have been regarded as the Protector or Prince Regent of Jesus' dynasty until the imminent expected return of his brother, the Messiah. Jesus had no children therefore his biological line died out. Even so his brothers, sisters and mother still occupied very highly respected places in the Apostolic Age. The Roman Empire saw this as a threat which they sought to destroy.

Real Household

Emperor DiocletianJesus family did not die out. The ordinary people who were jesus Christian followers, continued as Jesus household to this today. The Emperor Diocletian set up a stone pillar with the inscription, "For having exterminated the name Christian from the face of the earth." Far from wiping the name Christian out, the blood of the martyrs became the seed of the expanding church.✞

"Jesus House Dynasty"
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