Jesus Household Faith
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Jesus Household Faith
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With Children Around

Jesus with children around himJesus household faith was of great significance in the Early Church. Jesus called himself "the householder" in Matthew 10.25 and spoke of "his own household." He described himself in Matthew 10.24 as, "the master of the household" and his disciples as "servants of the household."

Jesus' Brothers, Sisters and Mother

Jesus with family around himJesus faith and that of his brothers, sisters, mother and family, came to the fore after his resurrection, even though they did not appear to figure largely in his earthly ministry. His brother James became bishop (or president) of the Jesus household in Jerusalem after Peter had been executed. The historian Eusebius reported that after James died another relative, a cousin of Jesus called Simon son of Clopas, became the leader of the Jesus household in Jerusalem. Yet another brother, Jude, composed an epistle which found its way into the canon of the Bible. James and Jude were of the line of David, and blood brothers to Jesus. Christianity in the first century was seen very much as a family affair.

"Jesus Household Faith"
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