Christ's Spiritual Entity
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Christ's Spiritual Entity
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Local Church

BodyWhat is the relationship between the Body of Christ and the Household of Faith? In the Early Church, the Bodies of Christ were Christ's spiritual entity in which the extended Christian household resided. In the Modern Church, the Body of Christ is Christ's spiritual entity which resides in the physical entity, the Local Church, or its subsidiary, the Household of Faith. At certain times in our history, rulers have tried to exterminate the Christian Church. Even though they destroyed the outer physical entity, the buildings, the inner spiritual entity, as the Body of Christ, continued in the group of Christian believers. In fact, the spiritual entity became stronger because of persecution.

Precious Ointment Vessels

Ointment JarsThe Local Church and in this new model, the Household of Faith, are like glass vessels which contain a precious ointment, the Body of Christ. Both may also be seen in the corporate church as heavy coats which wrap, warm and protects the Body of Christ within. This relationship is almost sacramental, being an "outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual graces" according to the Catechism in the old Book of Common Prayer. The Household of Faith is a substitute for the Local Church, where there are not the resources to support it, or an extension of its ministry where there are.✞

"Christ's Spiritual Entity"
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