House Faith Prayers
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House Faith Prayers
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Communal Worship

Boy Playing a GuitarIn the early meetings, House faith prayers could be simple written prayers which could be said by all. This could gradually be expanded into simple litanies such as those in the Book of Alternative Services or from other denominational prayer or worship books, containing opportunities for individuals to offer thanksgivings and intercessions either aloud or quietly. It should also contain thoughtful responses that are read aloud by everyone. The bidding section of the prayers could initially be led by the Leader, but again, this role could be given to another group member as they feel more comfortable in participating. An example of this form is "A Bidding Intercession" in the Book of Alternative Service. Everyone may pray the responses.✞


When the house starts to gel as a community, music can be introduced either as an accompaniment to singing or on a CD as background music. Perhaps simple praise choruses or contemporary songs such as from Taize or Maranatha Praise music could be used. More traditional hymns could also be incorporated into the program. Other worship options may be appropriate depending on the wishes of the group and the denominational norm.✞

"House Faith Prayers"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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