Household Gospel Studies
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Basic Biblical Principles 43

Starting Bible Readings

StepsThis Household Gospel Studies section should be focused on basic Biblical principles. Saint John's Gospel is considered by many to be the best starting point for household studies because it emphasizes the personal Jesus and what he has done for us. The Gospel of Mark on the other hand is the shortest of the Gospels and a simple telling of the Jesus story. Luke's Gospel is regarded as one of the most accurate prepared from careful research by Doctor Luke and may even be a legal brief used by the Honorable Theophilus in the defense of Saint Paul in Rome.

Study Time

Alpha ResourcesSubsequent studies could include one of the Epistles or Bible studies designed to teach us how to become part of the body of Christ. The nature of the Household, their interests and needs should play a role in determining the later Household Gospel Studies topics. See Resources.

"Household Gospel Studies"
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