House Worship Time
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House Worship Time
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Life's Challenges

Hospital Ward1."In the past week, what have been some of the good things and what have been some of the challenges in your life? Have you encountered people who are sick, lonely or distressed?" (Make them part of your prayer time later.)

2."Were you in a position to reach out and help someone else this week? Were you on the receiving end of support from others?"

3."How have you seen God at work in and through you and others this week?"

4."Have you been puzzled by anything or wanted to question anything in your life?"

5."Have you found any books, videos, music, television programs, web sites or other activities that helped you grow in your faith?"

At the end of the Sharing Time, the small groups may pray for particular needs for those who are sick and make simple thanksgivings as appropriate. The Lord's Prayer and Grace could then be said together as a closing act.✞

"House Worship Time"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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