Household Covenant Time
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Household Covenant Time
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Social Time

Household Time Open BibleInclude social time in your planning. Some Households can share a meal together from time to time or once a month. Light refreshments should be included in every Household meeting. Child care is important. Will the Household pay for a sitter or will individuals take turns in looking after the children? These arrangements need to be made in advance. We want to be child friendly but we also want to stay focused on what we are doing. Will the children be present for part or the whole of the Household meeting, if at all? Confidentiality is also vital if honesty and frankness is to be encouraged. The covenant should be in writing, with each person agreeing to it and having a copy to take home. It is the group's decision whether or not to sign it. Covenants should be renewed every two years when the agreed upon division of the Household into two takes place. The Household should look back on its experiences to review its progress and look forward to anticipate new growth. All decisions should be made by consensus.✞

"Household Covenant Time"
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