Household Faith Commitments
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House Faith Commitment
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Spectacles on BibleWhat does it mean to be part of the House faith? Go around the group and ask each person to introduce themselves. The House may ask a different question each time if they wish do this over several weeks. For example, "Tell us about your family" or "Tell us about your faith journey." This contains questions that will include new members when the House grows. Regular attendance is expected and vital to developing a sense of community. House faith commitment mean more than just a covenant but building ownership of the Household itself. Household faith commitment will need to extend to the type of resources, meeting format including prayer, study and community building. This will incorporate an estimate of the amount of time needed for each element. You need to agree also about the preparation the leader and the house members will make outside of the meeting time.

"House Faith Commitment"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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