Household Faith Covenant
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Household Faith Covenant
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Children Playing Together

Mother and Child in PrayerThe Household of faith covenant spells out the reason we are meeting and what we hope to get out of this Household of Faith group. The written covenant lists the names of the Leader, the Host and the other members of each Household. The frequency of their meetings is clearly set out and what they will study when they meet. They will also agree on how they will worship. The starting time and length of each Household meeting is decided as well as the beginning and completion date for their covenant. There are many advantages to having a household of faith covenant.

Reshaping Vision

Children Playing TogetherA covenant establishes the Household as a kind of family unit rather than just another group. It is best to meet regularly every week but some may want to build in breaks for the Household, for example over summer and Christmas breaks if that is the wish of the Household of Faith group. The covenant allows for a reshaping of the vision and purpose of the Household as it grows and matures together. A good way to begin the discussion of a household covenant is to encourage members to talk about what they hope to get out of the group. The first time that the group is together they may need to agree on some guidelines about the teaching materials you will use, the sharing time and type of worship they will use.✞

Clear Attainable Goals

share experiencesList the goals of the household of faith. They should be clear, attainable and include specific items required. Ask such questions as "What are we going to study?" One of our aims should be to get to know one another well and to share our experiences together. Ask how will this happen. Does it take place during the sharing time? We will grow to trust and support one another by building friendships, by praying and worshipping together. By sharing our mutual beliefs and personal faith stories we will develop as a strong Household of Faith group

"Household Faith Covenant"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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