Church Evangelism Program
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Church Evangelism Program
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Baby Boom Generation

ButterflyA Church Evangelism Program may be used as a resource by a Parish, Congregation, Deanery in a Diocese or an area setting. These are presented for any and all denominations who wish to use them.

Home Meeting Seminars

Programs include the ebooks 'The Mystical Body of Christ' and The 'Household of Faith' which is a relatively new offering on relational evangelism.

Evangelism Programs
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Evangelism Growth Programs
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Local Evangelism Programs
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Mystical Body of Christ
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Household of Faith
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Diagnostic Clinic Seminar
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Home Meeting Seminars
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Christian Meetings Series
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Sunday School Ministry
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Sunday School Discussion
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Church Member Visitation
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Church Member Visit
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Gift Discovery Seminar
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Baby Boom Generation
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Boom Bust Generation
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