Christian Baby Boomers The Demographic Shift
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Future Church Societies 16

Change in Leadership

The situation in the Church at large will be made worse by the replacement of supportive "Elders" in leadership positions in society with secular or at best "Baby Boomers." These new Baby Boomer executives in municipal, provincial and national governments are unlikely to be as sympathetic towards the churches as their Elder predecessors. They will undoubtedly tax churches heavily as well as rectory properties. Baby boomers will legislate the requirement for accessibility including church elevators, modern kitchens and upgraded washroom facilities. If the property taxes in 2014 on a $350,000 house are $3,000 a year, the tax on a church building assessed the same as a business is likely to be $10,000 a year. This will effectively close many particularly mainline churches.

Property Taxes

Taxes will cripple many church budgets especially when other income is shrinking. Unsympathetic governments will remove tax advantages like housing allowances for clergy and breaks on realty taxes on church buildings. The writing is already on the wall with clergy paying taxes on parish house utilities. Basically, our charitable status will be watered down until we are treated just like any other business. The combination of spiraling property tax and maintenance costs together with falling income and declining congregations, and the effects of the demographic shift will be the death-knell to many neighborhood Anglican congregations both large and small.

"Christian Baby Boomers"
by Ron Meacock © 2017

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