Dynamic Churches The Demographic Shift
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Dynamic Churches
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Growing Congregations

The role of Bishops in this new, thoroughly secular order will be, I believe, as the soles of the feet and palms of the hands in the Body of Christ. Bishops will suffer as they make the first contact with a totally secular world. No one will want to be a bishop in the future. They will be honored with the splinters, sharp stones and scratches from an opposing culture. Their witness could draw others to Christ or alternatively put them off!✞

Dynamic Then and Now

A key to which Dynamic Churches will survive in 2018 AD can be found in the Diocesan Synod returns and particularly the number of children, teenagers and small groups listed there. One thing for sure is that "Boomers," "Generation X" and "Generation Y" Groups (now known as "Millennials") will want friends and community for their children and teens.✞

Successful Congregations

Successful dynamic churches in 2018 AD will be superior if they involve contemporary music, adventurous programming and emphasis on children and youth. The Diocese will need to spend a significant portion of its budget each year to equip parishes to do youth work and children's ministry.✞

Parish Churches and institutional leaders will have to learn not to be emotionally wedded to buildings. The dynamic and not necessarily the historical or conservative Anglican churches will be the ones that survive and thrive. This applies to all the mainline congregations and to a lesser degree to the Protestant ones too.✞

"Dynamic Churches"
by Ron Meacock © 2018

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