Church Growth Evangelism
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Church Growth Evangelism14

Local Christian Setting

HandsTo be "evangelistic" is to be outgoing and enthusiastic in a general sense. A salesman for a certain product can be said to be as evangelistic as a Christian minister. On the other hand, an "Evangelical" is a description of someone who is "Biblically conservative" and may also be theologically part of the evangelical movement worldwide, parts of which are to be found in many denominations and church groups worldwide. However being a member of this movement does not make one "evangelistic!"

Not Public Relations

Green Growth"Church growth" and evangelism may or may not be the result of an evangelist's work as much as it may be a demographic shift or in other cases you may say a divine occurrence. When the Gospel is preached then people may repent and turn to Christ in faith or may turn away instead. This occurs in evangelism when individuals turn to Christ and become committed to Christ and in turn join the local Christian Church. Evangelism is not viewed as just "Christian public relations" as is supposed and practiced by some denominations. Evangelism programs require a personal response by faith in Christ to be effective.✞

Increasing Congregations

a Crowd of PeopleChurch growth leading to an increase in the number of persons attending a church, may be the result of other demographic factors for example when a new housing estate is built in close vicinity to a church and newcomers arrive on the steps of the church. See the Diagnostic Clinic for further examples of church growth evangelism.

"Church Growth Evangelism"
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