Church School Program
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Church School Program
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Solid Lesson Planning

Church Army Logo"We appreciate and are encouraged by your comments and the church school program materials. Thank you." "I know it gave some criteria for solid lesson planning in our church school and some help in choosing materials. I think it will prove to be very beneficial to all. Thank you so much again, Ron." From Grace Mills, St Giles Anglican Church, Scarborough.✞

Church School Organization

Church School Program"Many thanks for your imaginative yet practical workshop on church school organisation on the 25th. The structure you provided overcame my former fears that the Church School was almost an insurmountable obstacle. From the feedback I received from the other participants, I know they shared my feelings. The material you have left with us will be invaluable this year in planning and evaluating our weekly program. No doubt you will be hearing of our progress." From Jan Main, St Aidan's Church,Toronto East Deanery.✞

"Church School Program"
by Ron Meacock © 2019

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