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Church Ministry Kenya
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Family Outside House

Family outside HouseThis email was received in Canada from Christian Fellowships in Kenya, "Many greetings to you from Church Ministries in Kenya in the wonderful name of our Almighty Lord Above. It was so wonderful to know how you are working in the church in Canada. I am Pastor Naftal and oversee three congregations around the Kisii-Kenya Region. Kisii has a population of 300,000 people. It is the main commercial and urban center in Southern Kenya. We are a small fellowship church which has no affiliation with any other ministry. Our work in Kenya is to bring people to the Lord's kingdom and preach the Lord's will for his people."

Church Ministry

People on Kisii Street"We desire to be part of your ministry and in one accord with you to train us to lead the church in Kenya. We also need to receive your resources, training and ministry for the church. We will be honored and blessed to be part of your ministry in the church in Canada. We have 20 destitute children who need your prayers. We ask you to pray for them always."

"Church Ministry Kenya"
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