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Myanmar Ministries Resources
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Sunset Over Bagan

Myanmar Temple at YangonThe Rev. Cung Hup, Church Pastor, of the Salem Baptist Church in Myanmar (which was formerly Burma,) wrote, "We are greatly commanded by the Lord Jesus to preach the gospel and to make believers and disciples through the Myanmar Ministries Resources. I am eagerly planning and praying to the Lord to establish and to extend our ministries by establishing a missionary training school in our country."

Missionary Training School

Sunset over Bagan, Myanmar"Therefore, we need you and your ministries as a resource for our partners and fellow-workers in Burma. Please kindly accept that this as the voice of Macedonia from Myanmar in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the Lord richly and abundantly bless you and your effective ministries. Your fellow-worker in Christ,"

"Myanmar Ministries Resources"
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