Evangelism Handbook Introduction
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Evangelism Handbook Introduction
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Partners in Ministry

Toronto Diocese SymbolThis "Evangelism Handbook" is a resource for the aspiring evangelist, and the faithful Christian alike. It is the product of many years of ministry and experience in the Church Army in Great Britain and then in Canada. This book was written and published in 1982 from a practical perspective. I believe that most Christian leaders are ready to slide over and take into the driving seat new partners in ministry. My plea is that this book may help them shift out of passive neutralism into positive activism for their Master. I pray for the revival of the ministry of the Christian evangelist in the local setting so that our churches of all denominations will grow to the glory of God and that the name of Jesus will be exalted in our midst. My prayer is that God will use this website and this "Evangelism Handbook" to help ordinary Christian folk see the full potential of their ministry. My desire is that they become active in working, giving and speaking for their Savior.

"Evangelism Handbook Introduction"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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