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Death and Life

When at last the end of the war came, Dutch people flooded out into the streets rejoicing. "But I was not with them," Brother Andrew wrote. "I was running every step of the five miles to the Canadian encampment, where I was able to beg a small sack full of bread crusts. Bread! Quite literally the bread of life! I brought it home to my family with shouts of `Food! Food! Food! As Mama gnawed the dry crusts, tears of gratefulness to God rolled down the deep lines in her cheeks!" Jesus, the bread of life, can give us the same satisfaction and joy when we trust in Him. (In addition you may tell the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand as an illustration of the work of Jesus the bread of life in John 6). During the reign of Queen Victoria, there was a fascination with death and dying much in the same way our own generation is preoccupied by sex. Everyone then talked about death, they made elaborate preparations for it - it intrigued them. Today we shun and fear death, but Jesus didn't! He said that he was the LIFE (fill in) Resurrection and the Life. He had not only come to terms with death, but he had also conquered it. Cross out DEATH ()✞

Resurrection Plant

In the lush gardens of Florida they grow and sell a very strange dead-looking variety of fern called the "Resurrection Plant" which I have seen growing at the sides of the swampy everglades. In its cellophane bag, the dry dusty brown lump looks good for nothing except the garbage pail, but when it is placed in a bowl of water, a miracle takes place. From the brown dry clump uncurls the most delicate and beautiful ferny green leaves. It will stay dry and apparently dead for years, but with nourishment springs anew with lush green foliage. In the same way, those who trust the Lord Jesus can be sure that from the dust of death they will just as surely spring to vibrant resurrection life. (In addition you may tell the story of the raising of Lazarus as an illustration of the resurrection Jesus promises from John 11.)✞

"Jesus Bread Life"
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