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Jesus Light World
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Light Shines Through

I suppose that every disco you go to these days has flashing color lights. Have you ever thought about what light does? (Draw in filament to the Light Bulb.) It seems to dispel darkness, it shows you what is around you and where you are going. It helps you relax and calms your fear. When Robert Louis Stevenson was a boy in Edinburgh he was fascinated by light and particularly by an old man who went around the streets with a ladder at dusk lighting up the street lamps. One day his parents overheard him say "Look, look! There is a man out there PUNCHING HOLES IN THE DARKNESS." Jesus the light of the World also punches holes in the darkness of our fear and lets the light of God pour into our lives. Jesus, LIGHT OF THE WORLD (fill in) comes into our lives. (In addition, you may tell the story of the blind man in John 9, as an illustration of the work of Jesus, as Light).

Bread of Life

Most of us have probably eaten some bread today. Perhaps you had some toast for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. Bread has been called the "Staff of Life" because it is such a valuable part of our diet. Jesus called himself the TRUE BREAD (fill in) He wants to become Jesus the Bread of Life, the "Staff of Life." During the Second World War, Brother Andrew, then one of a family of six, lived in constant gnawing hunger in Holland under the Nazi occupation. His family was so desperate they dug up tulip bulbs and ate them like potatoes. His mother went hungry and eventually fell ill because she starved herself so that the others might have enough.

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