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Christian Disco Talks
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Your Hearers' Attention

Delivering Christian disco talks in the context of a Disco or Coffee Bar is at best a difficult task. The most effective talks have three distinguishing marks. First, the presentation begins with something of particular interest to the hearers, something that is meaningful in their own lives. Secondly, the talks have to be well prepared. Thirdly, they finish with a challenge to which people can respond. If these three are present, you have gone as far as you can to point your hearers to Christ. Though difficult, the disco talks can be the means of blessing in God's hand to the most surprising folk. I'll always remember being approached by a very tough looking guy wearing a heavily studded leather jacket at the close of a Christian Disco in Kingston-Upon-Hull in Northern England. His appearance alone instilled the "fear of God" into me! Heavy set and rough looking, I expected a switchblade to appear at any moment. But appearances can be deceiving, and we should try not to be surprised when God starts to work in people's lives.

A New Start in Life

The talks, in this case, were the starter which began this young man motoring for God. He came to know the Savior in a remarkable way and from then on became a regular member of the youth group at that church. The fact that God touched his life can be attributed to the Holy Spirit's handling of the simple message which he heard. The teaching, of course, had only one truth in each short five-minute section.

"Christian Disco Talks"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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