Disc Jockey Schedules
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Disc Jockey Schedules
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Softer Music

Disc jockeys are in great demand for all kinds of functions like weddings, dances, parties and even Christian functions and present all kinds of music from big band sounds to rap. All kinds of Christian music is available also and these are the selections our Christian disco DJ would present. To get a certain variety in the evening the disc jockey schedules the Christian talks between louder and softer music. It makes sense to begin the evening with louder, upbeat songs and then to go to softer pieces before the talks. Again after the talks play more upbeat music and so on. At the end of the evening after all the clean up is done, the leadership group of Christians should get together to discuss anything that may have happened and why it did! Strive to improve in all things. If some young people made decisions for Christ then that is a matter of praise. Make sure that one person is assigned to follow up this person. Finally, pray together and thank God for all that has happened.

7.30Louder Dance Music
8.15Talk 1
8.18Softer Music
8.30Louder Music
9.00Talk 2
9.03Softer Music
9.15Louder Music
9.30Talk 3
9.33Softer Music
9.45Louder Music
10.00Team Clean Up Hall. Discussion together. Coffee

"Disc Jockey Schedules"
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