Christian Friends Talks
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Christian Friends Talks
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Understand Your Audience

Acquaint yourself with what teenagers are thinking. See their films, listen to their records, and read their magazines. Then consider using one particular record with some connection to the theme both before and after the Christian friends talk. For example, the song "Summer Nights" fits in nicely with the love theme of the topical Christian friends talk "Grease." Think about offering a free copy of St John's Gospel to anyone who would like to read for themselves the Bible stories referred to in the Christian friends talks. Then get as many of your fellow Christians involved in the organization and preparation if the event as possible. Finally, pray for your young friends individually, believing that God will bless them. Encourage all the members of the team to do the same.

Age limits

Personal invitations to school friends discourages gangs. Clear indication of Teaching in Christian friends talks. Tear off half of the ticket at the door and give it back as a hand-in for the free drink. Cost says it is a serious venture and stops wandering in and out. i.e. no children and no older teens.

"Christian Friends Talks"
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