Christian Evangelism Talks
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Christian Evangelism Talks
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Coffee House and Disco

The Christian evangelism talks should not only be well-illustrated but like the preacher's cornflakes, crisp. This means short, precise and clear. It is much harder to say something in three minutes than fifteen. Many preachers have learned this lesson at their congregation's cost! On the other hand, by accepting the discipline of a strict time limit, the speaker's own ministry can be stimulated. Really effective short talks can only be built up by careful elimination of the unnecessary padding and waffle. These are unholy crutches of the vain who think that any garbage on their lips is golden, and the lazy who persuade themselves that people don't know the difference between prepared and unprepared. Crutches aren't needed by people who have heard the Savior calling, "Stand up and walk!" If the Christian evangelism talks are short and interesting then even the un-churched will feel comfortable listening to them. Why not tell your audience how long you intend to speak? This will give you a good incentive to finish on time!

Aim to Ensure Comfort

Knowing how long people are going to speak in Christian evangelism talks helps to make people feel more at home in the Coffee House or Disco. Most of us hate uncertainty in life. We like signs on the highway telling us of danger ahead. We want to know what's around the corner. In a similar way. it's better not to have it so dark in the Disco that people cannot see what's going on around them. Activities should be restricted to a limited area and the team positioned around the room so that they can be easily controlled. Above all, set your aims high for your Coffee House or Christian Disco. You will never achieve excellence if your aim is mediocre.

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