Christian Evangelism Standards
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Christian Evangelism Standards
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Scottish Preacher's Prayer

It is not that "anything goes" in our Disco or Coffee House. On the contrary, we will maintain the highest standards of behavior like any good secular club. If a record is offensive, we ban it! In the long run, having high standards is better for everyone involved in terms of the enjoyment provided. Entertainment on its own, however, is not a high enough motive. Teenagers can be entertained anywhere, but Christians have more to offer than that. We must say when asked, why we act as we do. Therefore, alongside entertainment must come education.

Aim to Educate

The danger in education of any kind is that the message may be exciting and rewarding in itself, but the delivery can so easily render it boring and obscure. The Scottish preacher's prayer puts it clearly, "Lord, make us not like porridge, thick and stodgy, but like cornflakes, crisp and ready to serve." In the Christian Coffee Bar or Disco, the talks need to be clear, crisp, concise, challenging and if possible also illustrated in color. These are all the marks of a good television program or commercial and are also the accepted norm in a society where most people watch television two, three or more hours a day.

"Christian Evangelism Standards"
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