Christian Youth Squashes
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Christian Youth Squashes
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Young People's Group

Young people love to get together just to chat and share thoughts. Christian youth squashes or youth house meetings can be another very useful instrument in the early stages of a developing youth group. Young people love to squeeze into a room to talk and listen to music. Use this as a basis and build a nucleus from it. All the time press home the need for spiritual conversion and growth. Let them simply make good and close friends of one another in a created wholesome environment.

Disco or Coffee House

Finally, once you have your group well-founded you can look at using the Christian Disco or Christian Coffee Bar or both to help establish the group in the Christian Faith. It is not a good idea however, no matter how much they may enjoy it, to continue the Disco or Coffee Bar for extended periods of time. Better an occasional treat than a laborious service to the local young people. Our aim is to build a friendship group with Christ at the center rather than provide an entertainment center for all. In short, use the Youth Squashes, Disco or Coffee Bar, don't let them use you!

"Christian Youth Squashes"
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