Christian Youth Leaders
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Christian Youth Leaders
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Giving Leadership

Many young people complain of being persuaded into churchgoing. They are bored with church and their parents know it. This does not have to be, for I have found that where Biblical truth is taught and new life in the Savior is consistently upheld then these same youngsters find a whole hatful of excellent reasons why they want to be involved in the ongoing life of the church and become Christian youth leaders. If you happen to have a keen group of "the over twenties" then these Christian youth leaders can be a great help in establishing a teenage club. The big problem will no doubt come when the Christian youth leaders have to pull back and allow the youngsters themselves to organize and find their own leadership. The natural tendency is for "Joe," who has been a teenager for the last twenty years and knows everything there is to know about youth work, to want to maintain control and keep others from growing into leadership responsibilities as youth leaders! As soon as a group begins to form its own identity, assign tasks to the natural leaders, organize committees to plan their own programs and hand over most of the practical aspects to the teens themselves. Develop the youth leaders role of the guide. Gradually transfer the major portion of your interest from the practical to the spiritual.

"Christian Youth Leaders"
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