Christian Leaders Plans
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Christian Leaders Plans
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Make Adequate Preparations

A second alternative for those churches with a strong children's work program is to use their top classes of twelve and thirteen-year-olds to form the beginnings of a youth group. How grievous it is that so many churches bring their young people through their Sunday School system, accept them into church membership by confirmation or baptism and then allow them to drift away! Teenagers feel that they have "completed the course" so to speak and do not see the need to keep on coming. They rarely darken the door of the church after that except when they want to get married or have their offspring christened or taught in the Sunday School. Unfortunately, this cycle is assumed to be the norm and therefore becomes self-perpetuating. However, this can be solved with a little pre-planning and effective church strategy. Wise Christian leaders make adequate preparations for all ages. They prepare for their people from the cradle to the grave. Christian leaders ought to gently wean individuals from stage to stage. Many groups are cyclical and therefore they act accordingly. Young people's work in particular ebbs and flows like the tide and requires renewal every few years. Teenagers are very conscious of their age and only form friendships with a very narrow age group. Bear in mind that two years older or younger is just too much of a difference for most teenagers.

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