Youth Evangelism Goals
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Youth Evangelism Goals
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By keeping faithful to ourselves others will be prompted to join this walk of faith. This youth evangelism goal is intended to bring individuals to personal faith in Jesus Christ and to establish a core of young Christians as a group in a church. This goal can be initiated in a number of ways.

Peripheral Organizations

One approach is to invite the leaders of established youth organizations on the fringe of the church to send representatives to form the beginnings of a youth group. Encourage groups like the Scouts, the Girl Guides, and the Marching Band or the Optimist Youth League who may use the church hall, in fact, any movement for teens in your area to get involved. Enthuse them with your optimism for youth ministry and use your best influences in the community to get support. I know from personal experience that this works. When I was a skinny sixteen-year-old, I remember being invited by a flaxen-haired and delightfully eccentric young curate to come to a youth club he was starting. As apprehensive as I was, I went along with some of my scouting friends and to my surprise thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This turned out to be the beginning for me of many years of personal participation and leadership in youth work which led eventually into full-time Christian work.

"Youth Evangelism Goals"
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