Essential Christian Truths
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Essential Christian Truths
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Reaching Young People

Knowing GodThe Christian disco and the Christian coffee house might appear at first glance to be the same or at least very similar, but in actuality they take quite different and distinctive approaches. The Christian disco on the one hand is basically a teaching vehicle. It's aim is to present a summary of essential Christian truths through the Christian music and short talks. The Christian coffee house uses table talk as its chief vehicle for the Gospel, and in a sense the music is secondary or even as background music. Like the early church's "didache," which was the teaching of the Good News and told us who Jesus was, how He lived and died and why. The Didache was and is the core teaching as to what Jesus did and by extension what he is doing today through the work of the Holy Spirit. The setting and the mode may be modern, but the Christian truths are exactly those preached and gossiped by the first Christians in Galilee and Rome. These truths may be applied in a new language using contemporary thought forms and Christian music, but they are still essentially the same as ever. The "Basic Principles" section will give further clarification. The Christian coffee house seeks to go much further than this basic teaching of essential truths in that it aims also to draw out a reaction from those who are listening. The Coffee House is therefore set out differently. The music is more subdued, and a much greater emphasis is placed upon conversation and counseling.

"Essential Christian truths"
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