Young Christian Ways
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Young Christian Ways
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Bringing Youth to Faith

Youth TrioFortunately, young Christian minds still find young Christian ways of reaching their peers with the Gospel. The Christian disco and coffee bar are just two vehicles of evangelism which I have found effective on many occasions with teenagers. These are not the only ways, nor will they necessarily be the best ones for everyone. They are not intended as a substitute for ongoing youth work in a church either, but they can be used within such a setting. Do not look here for answers to teenage problems nor for organizational tips that will help you succeed with your own group. You will not find them! ✞

Exciting Frontier of Ministry

My hope is that what you will gain will be an insight into some new Christian ways of bringing your youngsters to a living faith in Christ. Perhaps you will see that the Christian Disco or Christian Coffee Bar can be an exciting frontier of Christian outreach for you and your fellowship.

"Young Christian Ways"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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