Eccentric Youth Evangelism
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Eccentric Youth Evangelism
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Hold their Attention

Hand StandThere was once a street preacher who was renowned for his brand of eccentric youth evangelism. Choosing a good spot on a street corner or a wide walkway, he drew a stick of chalk out of his pocket and very carefully began to mark a large circle on the ground! As he worked he began to speak about his faith. Next, he gently placed the palms of his hands within the ring and kicked his feet up into a handstand, still expounding his message! This unusual and eccentric youth evangelism quickly gathered a crowd of curious onlookers. "What's wrong? Is someone hurt?" a voice from the back asked. Then, on sighting the upturned soles, "Does he do any other tricks?"

An Interested Audience

When the preacher felt the group was large enough, he leapt to his feet and addressed his hearers regarding their own position with God. This was certainly a unique as well as an eccentric piece of youth evangelism. It was a great way of drawing an interested audience. Few of us would want or be able to emulate these handstands for God! We should however recognize that a lot of people need an extra special effort on our part in order to attract and hold their attention. Like this youth evangelism, the teenagers at a Christian Disco or Coffee Bar require that essence of the unusual to retain their interest. They also want to feel comfortable with their surroundings.✞

"Eccentric Youth Evangelism"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2018

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