Youth Leader Types
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Youth Leader Types
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Resources for Evangelism

Youth LeadersThere seem to be two types of youth leader. Some enter into the teen world playing, laughing and crying with the young people at each turn of their emotional road. They are probably regarded as older brothers and sisters by many teenagers. They enjoy the competitive element, yet are still respected for their age and position. Others react differently, showing the same concern, but remaining more remote. Some youth leaders are always available to counsel and help as needed, but they introduce a degree of personal restraint when necessary. They are not "close family" in that sense, but more like fun-loving uncles and aunts.

Uncertainty of Youth

Some youth leaders are not known well until the time comes they are close enough to be confided in. Certain people and many adults like Bob Elliot, the Church Warden, cannot stand the uncertainty of youth. I have seen supposedly mature youth leaders and some clergy "flunk out" rather than face the challenge. The wise ones check out their own personal resources before they begin.

"Youth Leader Types"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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