Christian Youth Work
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Christian Youth Work
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Effective evangelism

Youth WorkSome people feel threatened by Christian youth work. In teenagers they see childhood and adulthood mingled in such fragile vessels. Young bodies in the process of change, youthful minds grappling with questions they are forced to answer. Boys wanting to be strong, dependable men, but melting inexplicably into childish immaturity. Girls wishing to be poised, attractive young ladies but turning without warning into snickering clumsiness. One moment rational and respectful, the next they explode in some playful pursuit.

Choices in Life

Youth work exposes a perplexing crossroads of young people facing decisions. They are faced with difficult and far reaching decisions as to what to do in life, where to work, whose values to adopt, one's family's or one's friends, the church's or those of society? In the face of all this, it's no surprise that some people back away from Christian youth work. Only those who are bold enough to venture out despite the potential problems find the wealth of golden opportunities awaiting them. You have to ask the perennial question, "what would Jesus do?"✞

"Christian Youth Work"
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