Church School Teacher
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Church School Teacher
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Lesson Prayer

Women ListeningAn opening prayer is followed by the motivations questionnaire and then a look at basic principles. A Bible study follows and a discussion of teaching methods that Jesus used. The church school teacher prayer includes the video "Number One." Discuss the videos the "Sunday School Teacher Influence" and "Teacher Child Relationships."

The Lesson

Sunday School Lesson MaterialsBegin with an open prayer. Talk about the lesson preparation and the syllabus analysis and show the available materials and hand them around. Hand out sample lessons and view the video "Preparing a Lesson for the Junior Child" Talk about children's choruses and childhood development. Observation Test. Class Equipment and Technique. Ladder Lettering. Sunday School Teacher Prayer. Video "Understanding the Under Sevens"

"Church School Teacher"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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