Lesson Words Analysis
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Lesson Words Analysis
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Children's Game

Stacked BiblesAfter reading through the various teaching materials and the Biblical passages, one needs then to make a decision as to what to leave out and what to include in the lesson. This lesson analysis is often the most difficult task. Most workbooks contain over an hour's worth of activities, so the knife must be leveled at all but the most appropriate. It is better to complete a few things well than to cover everything poorly. On the other hand it is a good exercise to try to condense what you have chosen. If it still retains its meaning and clarity with fewer words then perhaps you might want to introduce another item.

Grab their Attention

Children's GameCertain things you definitely need. With children, always give them some visual aid to help them grasp the truth. You will want to begin with something that grabs their interest, something they can relate to well. This might mean pupil participation - a game or craft or using their sense of smell are a few ideas. Finally don't drag out a lesson for the sake of finishing it. Be prepared to adapt if necessary and to compress items or include others as the need arises. "Words are like the rays of the sun. If they are concentrated they burn so much hotter." If striking visual aids will add extra intensity to the message then include them and cut down on the words.

"Lesson Words Analysis"
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