Course Analysis Score
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Course Analysis Score
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Your Best Choice

1. Draw up a course analysis score form.
2. Write down a list of qualities in the left hand column.
3. Choose the one that is most important to you and score it 10.
4. Rate the other qualities against it that is of high importance of 8, low importance of 3.
5. List the different courses under consideration across the top.
6. Choose from the courses the one which is best in each category and give a score of 10.
7. Rate the other courses against it that is very good of 7, poor of 4.
8. Multiply the score for the course by the rating for the quality and enter these scores into each of the spaces.
9. Add up the scores under each course.
10. The highest score indicates your best choice. The lowest score points to your worst option.

Your Best Choice

You need a good catchy opening, then a steady build-up to a real challenge about three quarters of the way through the Sunday school lesson to let the kids and their excitement down gently to the end!✞

"Course Analysis Score"
by Ron Meacock © 1982-2019

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