Children's Lesson Preparation
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Children's Lesson Preparation
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Sunday School Teacher

Children seated around teacherThere is so much to learn about teacher child relationships, motivation, characteristics of growth and basic principles, but even so one day the teacher is called upon to teach! So how do you begin your children's lesson preparation?✞

Preparation Prayer

Bible for the WorldFirst and foremost in the children's lesson preparation comes personal prayer. Support yourself and your work with petition and praise. Don't be like John Buchan (1875-1940) a novelist and former Governor General of Canada who published the thriller novel and movie "The Thirty Nine Steps" in which he described an atheist as "A man who has no invisible means of support!" The title of the book by the way was derived from the wooden staircase leading down to the beach which his six year old counted at a private nursing home in Broadstairs where Buchan was convalescing from a duodenal ulcer. The child was just learning to count and gleefully announced "There are thirty nine steps." His son later wrote, "Some time later the house was demolished and a section of the stairs, complete with a brass plaque, was sent to Buchan." Like Buchan, you and I need the support of God and his invisible support in our work and should therefore examine carefully all the relevant printed materials. Research the Bible passages given, absorb the lesson and search through the workbook and any handout materials there may be. Ask God to lead you in this quest for the right approach and subject matter to bring the subject alive for the class. Every year, it is a good idea for the Sunday school teachers to sit down together, to set down the merits of the syllabus they are using and look at the alternatives available on the market. The analysis on the next page will assist you in deciding which is best for your situation.

"Children's Lesson Preparation"
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